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The New York Times Pay Wall Will Test Their Brand Strength

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The internet has made news a commodity. The facts of what happened on a given day are available through literally thousands of websites. People will not pay for the facts; they are just too easy to find.

If you haven’t heard yet, the New York Times is expected to announce a pay wall on their content. It is the analysis and insight that the New York Times is hoping people will pay for. If the New York Times brand is respected enough that readers will believe their content can’t be found elsewhere, then erecting pay wall won’t be a problem. It may upset some people in the short-term, but having access to the unique analysis from the New York Times will win out in the long run.

Others have already done this. The Wall Street Journal and The Economist come to mind. Their brands are strong enough that people are willing to pay for their content because they know the value they will receive.

The New York Times will probably be fine, but I hope other news sites that offer just the facts don’t think they can follow suit. Unless your brand’s value proposition is unique, why would anyone pay for it?

What do you think? How will a pay wall impact the New York Times?


Written by benwisebranding

January 19, 2010 at 6:06 pm