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Metro Using Loyalty Card To Boost Their Brand

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Metro Inc, one of the biggest Canadian grocers, announced that they are launching their own loyalty card in Quebec. This will give them greater insight into consumers’ behavior and shopping habits.

This is indicative of brands boosting loyalty by becoming more intimate (not in that way!) with their consumers. A deeper relationship between a brand and a consumer, shown by personalized products or services, creates a stronger emotional tie between them that cannot be easily replicated by another brand.

Tesco, the largest grocer in the UK, has a well established loyalty card that provides them a significant advantage in a highly competitive market. Tesco card holders regularly receive coupon booklets customized to their shopping habits, a far more attractive prospect than generic coupons targeted at an entire city.

Grocery stores aren’t the only ones emphasizing customer intimacy to build their brand. There is a famous story about Nordstrom’s where they let a customer return a tire to one of their stores even though they don’t carry tires because it gave them a deeper understanding of that customer’s lifestyle.

What do you think? Will the Metro loyalty card give their brand a boost?


Written by benwisebranding

January 27, 2010 at 6:24 pm