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Selling to Your Employees

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If your brand is your business system, then the people running your business system are pretty damn important. In other words, a company’s employees are a critical component of their brand.

As marketers, we obsess over how to increase brand loyalty among consumers by even a few percentage points, but we fail to look at loyalty to the brand from within the company. With this in mind, recent results from a joint Reuters/Ipsos survey are alarming. Reuters reports that “Americans are more loyal to their favorite soft drink, television show or car brand than they are to their employer”.

The study found that fully 45% of employees would jump ship if they were offered a 10% raise somewhere else. If that many employees are lacking commitment to their company, how can we expect them to perform to the best of their ability?

Internal Branding is Critical

Generating loyalty from employees isn’t just about salary. There are other ways to reward employees whether it is through regular recognition, increased responsibility, access to a good network or training and learning opportunities.

This may sound like Branding 101, but your company needs to understand the value proposition offered to employees. How is this unique from your competitors? Why shouldn’t they jump ship? If you want to attract and retain top talent, you will need a compelling answer to these question.

Without it, your internal brand will suffer which will inevitably lead to a decline in how consumers perceive your brand.

What do you think? Is your brand compelling to your employees?


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April 29, 2010 at 7:02 pm

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How Branding Will Be Apple’s Downfall

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The last few weeks have seen a bunch of lists proclaiming Apple as the brand of the decade (check out the article  from Adweek). I am not arguing that they don’t have a great brand, because they are without doubt one of the strongest and most valuable brands in the consumer space. But a key aspect of branding that is often overlooked is Internal Branding. That is, how is the brand promise shared within the company itself and how do employees live and breathe the essence of the brand.

This is where I believe Apple will eventually have a problem. The Apple brand is too tied up in the aura of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is the driving force behind the key aspects of the company’s success, including marketing and new product development, two of their biggest strengths. The man, clearly a genius, will not be around forever and when he leaves the magic of the Apple brand will diminish (not the first time this has happened to Apple!).

Contrast the internal branding of Apple to a company like Google. At Google, employees are given more freedom and are encouraged to innovate on their own. While the founders and CEO remain highly involved, regular employees have a large impact over the success of the company and no one person has the final say to the same extent that Steve Jobs does at Apple.

In the long run I think you’ll find that the Google model is much more sustainable. Internal branding that fosters a culture of innovation and creativity will outlast an individual person almost every time.

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January 6, 2010 at 1:43 pm