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Brand Engagement On Social Media Has A Long Way To Go

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The focal point of any social media strategy is about engagement and communication between a brand and their customers. What exactly this means is still a bit of a mystery, but a study by eMarketer has found that customers might not be on the same page as marketers.

The key finding is that if customers are to follow a brand, they want something in return and generic ‘engagement’ doesn’t cut it. Customers are looking for something more. The top two reasons for friending or following a brand is to learn about special deals and to learn about new products/features. This doesn’t require a two-way conversation, so often touted as the benefit that social media provides for brands.

Despite these results, brands should not go back to one-way broadcast communication through social media. What this points to is that most brands don’t understand how to offer value through engagement and communication. The same survey said that only 3.5% of people follow a brand on Twitter for their service or support. Is this because customers don’t value support on Twitter or because brands aren’t very good at providing support on Twitter?

Once brands figure out how engagement and communication on social media can offer rewards, more customers will interact with their favourite brands online and the importance on special deals and product announcements will decline. This will allow companies to focus on building their brand strategy instead of just marketing tactics.

What do you think? Should brands focus on broadcasting special deals on social media? Could brands do a better job at providing value through engagement?


Written by benwisebranding

January 22, 2010 at 4:14 pm