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Building a Brand Takes Time

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I sometimes worry that people read this blog, make a few changes to improve their brand, then expect to see the results right away. Marketers and brand managers are often used to running promotions where you can see the ROI within days of its launch.

Unfortunately, building a brand takes time. And anyone expecting quick results will be frustrated.

A traditional marketing campaign is designed to elicit a specific reaction within a specific time horizon. If someone buys your product when it is on a limited-time special offer, than you have achieved your goal.

When building a brand, loyalty is often your objective. And building loyalty takes time and multiple interactions. Each of these interactions must remain consistent in order to embed your brand’s promise in the mind of consumers.

What do you think? What time horizon do you focus on for your brand?


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July 27, 2010 at 8:55 pm

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