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What Else Is Influencing Your Brand?

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Great brands have a deep understanding of not only the functional attributes that drive consumer behaviour but also the emotional attributes. Unfortunately, this is still a step too short.

Despite all of the consumer surveys and focus groups your brand may have conducted to land on the perfect set of purchase drivers, this testing is done in a controlled environment. And the real world is anything but a controlled environment. The perception of your brand will change based on other factors in the lives of your consumers.

To set your brand apart, you need to understand what these factors are and how you can influence them.

The shopping experience at The Beer Store provides a perfect example (for readers outside Ontario, there are only really two places to buy beer, The Beer Store and the government operated liquor store).

It starts with having to choose what you want from a giant wall that shows only logos and prices. There are literally hundreds of options, but customers aren’t able to take their time and pickup or examine each product. Then the unfortunate customer places their order at the counter which gets yelled into a microphone for the whole store to hear. With a large lineup forming behind you, it is not surprising that very few people ask any questions of the clerk. Finally a heavy case of beer is send via conveyor belt from the warehouse in the back, thus completing the purchase.

Needless to say, this is not a very pleasant experience and one that some consumers have found very intimidating.

If you sell your beer through The Beer Store it is essential to take into account these external influences on your potential consumers, who might be frazzled by the time they make their purchase. What can you do to make this experience easier? How can you make it easier to purchase your product in this situation? Here are a few quick ideas:

  • Focus on the unaided awareness of your brand to ensure consumers can order it without finding it on the wall
  • Keep your logo simple so it is easily recognized on the wall of brands
  • Include different packing options in your marketing communications so consumers know what to order

There are likely many more ways to improve the shopping experience and thus positively influence consumer behaviour, but it requires you to understand their state of mind at the time of purchase.

What do you think? How do external influences impact the behaviour of your customers?


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July 6, 2010 at 9:46 pm

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