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The Strategic Path of Brand Extensions, Revisited

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Only a few days ago I wrote about following a strategic path in brand extensions. I wanted to write a quick follow-up as a perfect example of this concept came out today when Google added calendar invitations to email messages (see article).

Google’s integration of their calendar and email services brings their offering in line with the ubiquitous Microsoft Outlook. The seamless integration between email and calendar has long been a key differentiating factor for Outlook and now Google is trying to move into that space.

Google can only credibly do this because of their existing capabilities in the separate areas of email and calendars. Had Google moved from a search engine directly to an integrated email/calendar platform that would have been a jump to far. But you can be sure that Google has seen this coming for a while and today’s announcement is just the culmination of their plan that started with the launch of Gmail.

After Google defined their desired end-state (take on MS Office) they have been able to map out the incremental brand extensions required to get there. Today is the latest step down the strategic path, but expect many more in their quest to bring all computing into the cloud.

What do you think? Will Google’s services replace MS Outlook


Written by benwisebranding

April 15, 2010 at 8:47 pm

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