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Collaboration Gives a Brand an Advantage

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­With early reviews of the iPad hitting the blogosphere, Google has announced that their Chrome browser will now have Adobe Flash built-in. In case you haven’t read any reviews of the iPad, one of the biggest areas of contention is the lack of support for Flash.

It is easy to view this as a swipe at Apple (see here), and in many ways it is.

But at a deeper level, this is a profound statement about the Google brand. While Apple chooses to develop almost everything themselves with Steve Jobs holding the final decision of everything, Google works in a more open and collaborative way. This distinction should carry great weight with consumers.

Apple and Steve Jobs have been very good at understanding and addressing (and creating) consumer needs in the past decade. The iPod and iPhone have been revolutionary. But how long can a brand last if they plan on continually developing revolutionary ideas internally? At some point, you need to widen your pool of ideas.

This is where Google thrives. When they launch a product, they often do so in some sort of Beta form and are quick to make adjustments based on consumer feedback. Throwing their weight behind Adobe’s Flash shows they are willing to work with others to improve their own products. This might not deliver the creative spark of genius that Apple has used in their product development, but in the long-term it will satisfy consumer needs far better.

Google’s action show that it understands that their brand encompasses their entire business system, from product development, to marketing, to distribution. Collaboration is an essential part of Google’s brand system at all levels.

Apple may be everyone’s favourite brand right now, but it is the open and collaborative brands like Google that will see the most success.

What do you think?


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April 1, 2010 at 4:51 pm

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