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Tupperware Pushing Romantic Nights At Home

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An article in the New York Times last week commented on an ad campaign from Tupperware. The article states that despite appearing to target men, with cooking as a way to impress a woman, according to Rick Goings, the chief exec, they are in fact saying “if you want to target women, the best way is to also go after men.”

A direct quote from the CEO is pretty compelling evidence of the brands positioning, but I think they are aiming at something deeper. Even though the economy is exiting the recession, there has been a fundamental change in consumer behaviour around cost savings. Tupperware is playing off this fact by offering up home cooked meals as a legitimate (read: not appearing like a cheap skate) alternative to a romantic night out.

This is similar to the NYT’s diagnosis, but has a subtle difference. The key benefit is cost savings. Romance is a proof point, not the benefit itself, showing that the sacrifice is small. Consumers get the benefit of a nice meal without the cost of going out. This is especially appealing as consumers are looking for some fun after a long recession but are still wary of their budget and is becoming an increasingly common position for brands to try to occupy.

What do you think? Is Tupperware selling romance or cost savings?


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March 24, 2010 at 9:29 pm

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