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The Responsibility of Brands

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I came across an article that showed how many children under the age of three were able to recognize brands. A study published in the Journal of Psychology & Marketing describe it as an “emerging ability” among young children (Aged 3-5) to not only recognize a brand, but know what they offer despite not being able to read yet. Not surprisingly, McDonald’s and Lego were the most recognized among the kids in the study.

This clearly highlights the power that brands hold in today’s society. The ability to create a ‘need’ among consumers, let alone among small children, shows how intimately brands are intertwined with our everyday lives.

There is certainly great benefit in the power and prominence of brands. Imagine how long it would take you to complete your weekly shopping if you had to verify the quality of a store that you have never heard of before? Or if you needed to examine each product in detail before purchase instead of grabbing a familiar box off the shelf?

At the same time, this power gives brands a great responsibility to conduct business in a morally responsible way. The above study shows how brands can influence what people perceive to the extent that they are changing someone’s outlook.  We hope that adults can make these judgments better than young children, but this is certainly a stark reminder that brands must understand the responsibility that goes hand in hand with their power and prominence.

What do you think? Do brands act responsibly today?


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March 2, 2010 at 8:32 pm

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