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Olympic Sized Emotional Brand Marketing

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At the halfway point in the Vancouver Olympics, one of the most interesting part of the games has been the marketing as brands try to tap into the emotional spirit of fans. Events like the Olympics are a marketer’s dream. Emotions are running high with pride and patriotism, creating the perfect opportunity for brands to develop an emotional connection with their consumers.

There are two commercials I want to highlight that have done a particularly good job of this. First is Tim Hortons, the venerable Canadian coffee chain. The ad, shown below, does a great job of mixing a bit of humour (the warm clothes) with the strong patriotic emotions that are already brought about by the Olympics. Amongst these emotions, Tim Hortons establishes it’s brand as a key aspect of Canadian pride. In a country where consumers want to support domestic companies, being seen as the quintessential Canadian brand can be very lucrative.

The second ad is the series by Visa entitled Go World. These play less on the patriotic emotions than Tim Hortons, though they are still present, and focus instead on the respect that people have for the excellence of the athletes. The Visa brand benefits from being associated with these emotions. And it doesn’t hurt that the Visa colours are a good match to winter landscape.

What do you think? Are these ads winning for their brands?


Written by benwisebranding

February 22, 2010 at 10:17 pm

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