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 A weekly list of interesting articles on branding from around the web.

Google to Launch App Store for Google Apps [REPORT] Google following the trend of using 3rd part app developers, but hoping for more sophisticated results.

Google pushes Chrome browser as PC battle looms Google taking the unusual step of offline advertising in their effort to boost Chrome.

Mixed Reactions to Product Recommendations It has long been known that good product recommendations can drive sales and build your brand, but done poorly it can hurt you.

Monster Acquires Yahoo HotJobs for $225 Million Yahoo! is continuining to focus on their core products and services. More focus should help improve their brand by giving a clearer value proposition to users.

The Amazon vs. Macmillan War Isn’t Over Yet A cheap shot by MacMillan in the NYT. Why try to upset one of your biggest partners?


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February 6, 2010 at 4:03 pm

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