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Nexus One a ‘Me Too’ version of the iPhone (from Wired) A good comparison on the features of the two phones.

Dell to Launch Android Smartphone in the US on AT&T (from Mashable) Could be a tough play now that they are competing against the supplier of their phone’s operating system

Consumers Positive About Tech Changes (from eMarketer) No surprises here, but some interesting data.

Dove Hopes Super Bowl Ad Will Change American Men (from Brand Channel) I think that Unilever should read this article from Seth Godin about how hard it is to repair an existing market – better off adapting to a new one.

Discovery, Sony and Imax see TV through 3D glasses (from USA Today)  Expect to see a big push toward more entertainment in 3D this year.

Marketing, Not Ads, Fuels Social Spending Growth (from eMarketer) A lot of this growth is coming from ‘conversational’ social media spending, not paid ads, which should mean lots of new jobs in this field.

The Victim: Does your job happen to you? (from Seth Godin) Unfortunately this is something most people can relate to at one point or another.

Sam’s Club Premium Vodka Heralds Ascendancy of Store Brands (from Brand Channel) This shows the increasing clout of private label brands, a trend that gained significant momentum during the recession.


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January 8, 2010 at 8:06 pm

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